Beautifully Built Cabinets & Furniture Handcrafted to Fit Your Decor

Liddle Creative Construction (LCC) offers handcrafted cabinetry built from the highest quality, formaldehyde-free raw materials available including hardwoods, veneers and other materials. For residential and commercial, wherever storage and custom-fitted furniture is needed, we can create it – from kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and wine cellars, to hallways, offices, churches and hotels. We never compromise on the proven fundamentals that make our handcrafted cabinetry so superior to our competitors.

With LCC, you’re assured of beautifully built custom cabinets that meets both your needs, style and budget. While you explore the our Product Gallery, we invite you to consider the diversity of cabinets and custom-fitted furniture styles, materials and finishes we offer. You’ll realize why LCC is unsurpassed in creating the most well-constructed cabinetry for all your residential and commercial needs. Read More